Safety Surveys

Ensure that your facility is operating safely with our detailed safety surveys!

At Action Installers safety is our number one priority. Racks that are installed improperly or maintained incorrectly will put your employees and customers at risk, if not managed efficiently. When it comes to your store or warehouse, making safety a priority means making your team a priority. Safety Surveys reduce potential accidents and should be done routinely to ensure absolute safety. Our goal is to make your store or warehouse safe to protect you from expensive consequences in the future, and to protect your organization from unsafe conditions which put your team at risk of injury.

What we do

When providing a safety survey, we send out experts who are trained professionals in identifying unsafe and dangerous systems. We perform an on-site assessment taking note of any hazardous conditions that could be caused by rack abuse, damage, over loading, or employee neglect. Our team includes in their report any conditions that could become unsafe in the future.

We then deliver to you a detailed report, including all of our findings of existing and potential on-site risk factors at the surveyed facility. Our experts review the report with you to ensure that all dangerous conditions, and potentially dangerous conditions, are clearly made known.

Our specialists will advise you on what parts need to be replaced, which we can order for you or provide your purchasing department a list with all the necessary parts. We can then schedule a convenient time to complete repairs that will minimize any disruptions to your daily operations.

Conducting regular safety surveys gives our experts the opportunity to administer guidance on safety issues and ensure that your facility is following safe operations and practices. At Action Installers, we complete the Safety Survey, produce a detailed report, order necessary parts, and complete all repairs necessary to make sure that your facility follows all safety standards and guidelines.

Why We Do It

Have you ever had racks dented or damaged? Accidents happen! To an untrained eye, these dangerous circumstances can go unnoticed because, after all, the system may still work just fine. If these problems continue to be overlooked, it exposes your team members and customers to potential injury, creating unnecessary risks. With regular Safety Surveys, trained safety experts can identify a problem before it becomes a dangerous condition for your team or customers, and an unnecessary potential liability for you.

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